A Simple & Powerful

LMS Solution

Our LMS Solution allows teachers to deploy digital classrooms to help manage and faciliate classroom resources, materials and general communication.

Dedicated classroom newsfeed

K-12 Newsfeed
  • Filterable Newsfeed

  • Stay up to date

  • Subscription enhanced

  • Quickly publish notes

Filterable homework tracker

Automated notifications

Immediately get notified of any new or updated homework assignments.

24 hour email alert

Students and parents receive an email alert of all homework assignments due within 24 hours.

Stay up to date

Easily stay up to date on the homework for your class.

Smart filters

Easily find and filter what you’re looking for.

K-12 EdSpire Homework Tracker

Secure digital folders

K-12 EdSpire Digital Folder
Doc file management

Intuitively manage digital documents and assignments for your class.

Picture management

Stay on top of images, screenshots and picture resources for your class.

Resource link management

Organize external website link resources for your class by adding them to the appropriate digital folders.

Assign to multiple classes

Save time and resources by sharing media assets between multiple classes.

Password protected

Secure your folders the way you want them viewed, giving access to those who need it.

Google Drive integration

Easily integrate with Google Drive by accessing your digital assets and adding them to your class folders.

Save time and eliminate double entry

Google Calendar
Google Docs
Google Drive
Google Classroom