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Launch digital classrooms enabling offsite teacher, student and parent communication, collaboration and learning.

We specialize in District Branding, School Web Hosting, Web Design and Online K-12 Solutions.

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Digital Classrooms & Learning

Solution Features

Homework Dropbox

Give your students to the ability to submit their homework online safely with built in notifications and confirmations.

Class Folders

Organize class files and resource links into folders, giving your students complete access to all the materials they need to succeed.

Classroom Pages

Centralize your class information onto one page, give your students easy access to the materials they need.

Google Drive

Sync with your Google Drive to better integrate with your work flow and managing of files.

Quick Post

Quickly post news, information and assignments to your classes, allowing your student and parents to stay up to date on class activity.

Quiz and Polls

Conduct quick classroom quizzes and polls to engage your students.